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Feerique - Noir Fleurir - Deflower (CD, Album)


  1. (mini-album) Millenium ~kuroki hana no sennenki () tracklist: Style Tsumetasugiru Mado Yami no Tougyuushi Tokei no Mukou Gawa Gin-Iro No Basha Omocha No Miisha Descargar (single) Omocha no miisha () tracklist: Omocha no miisha Utsukushi ku saku mono no isshou Descargar (album) Deflower (
  2. Noir Fleurir, as Deflower , seems to have overcome the stigma and morphed into something even worse. I don't know if I prefer to be slightly uncomfortable over the name Deflower, or filled with rage at the sheer pretentiousness of their French gothic dark flower flowery band name. No .
  3. KEY PARTY fansite Lineup TERU - Vocals ( - ) → Noir fleurir →, 可憐 (Karen) - Guitar ( - ) → Noir fleurir → 料理狂室 → X, KENGO - Bass ( - ) → Noir fleurir →, 草紙 (Soushi) - Drums ( - ) → Noir fleurir → Coup d'e tat → Objet De Neige (support) → antique post paper.
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  6. Sep 10,  · Wir Masquerade from the 2-disc album Kuroki Hana no Senenki ~Shinshou~ by the Japanese band Noir Fleurir. Released Line up: Vocal: Teru →Noir fleurir Support Guitar→Guitar: MAST.
  7. Noir du'Soleil (AUSTRALIA) (1) Noir fleurir (1) Noise (1) Noslen (CHILE) (1) Nyanpire (1) Oblivion Dust (1) Orgel (1) Otogi Raizo (1) oxbxjxe (1) P.A.F. (1) Paranoia (1) Pata (1) Perfect Drugs (1) Phaidia (1) Phobia (1) PINK SAPPHIRE (1) PLEIADES (1) Pleur (1) Poisonous Doll (1) Polo Rockers (1) Pride of Mind (1) Priere (Brasil) (1) Psycho le.
  8. There are more than one artist with this name: Deflower was a Alt. Metal band from Portland, Oregon. They released their debut album titled One in with Last Match Records. DEFLOWER consisted of early Noir Fleurir artist.
  9. Em janeiro de eles lançaram um mini-album e começaram a fazer muitas performances, não só em eventos mas também em shows próprios. (album-duplo) Track List CD do・mes・tic SEXUAL usgai to hitsuji namida no kagen SLEPT DOLL tensei gengaku shugisha no jishou DEFLOWER → Noir fleurir.

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