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I Can - Proper Heat - Chapter One (CD)


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  3. Dec 05,  · Official music video of Proper Heat Written & Produced by Martin Virgin & Saxtone, Lyrics & Vocals by Karolis Ramoska Proper Heat - We Are Ready (Chapter One) - Duration:
  4. There are no fades between tracks, and the music stopping/starting abruptly can be jarring. This was likely a space issue, as they jammed everything onto 1 disc. This should have easily been a 2 disc, if not 3 disc set. The music is awesome, but the CD gets a lower rating from me, due to the issues mentioned.
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  8. Sep 25,  · Proper Heat - We Are Ready (Chapter One) - Duration: Saxtone Official 39, views. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Proper Heat - For The Love YouTube;.
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