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THE EYES / Koma RMX - Közi - Közi solo ver : E//+Z (CD, Album)


  1. Das hier sind ma meine absoluten Favs vu der neuen Limp bizkit CD "Results May Vary": Red Light - Green light Phenomenon Head for the barricade (pure Genialität) Creamer (radio is dead) Down Another Day Build a bridge Almost Over Eat You Alive (natürlich ^_^) Drown Behind Blue Eyes Die andren Songs sind auch geil, aba die oben sind meine Favs.
  2. (album) Lokin' Roll () Tracklist: 01 Cabinet 02 Lokin' Roll 03 Babylo 04 Que Sera Sera 05 Curious Nuance 06 Wfo's Mind 07 Night Creature 08 The eyes 09 I'm Not Descargar (album) Közi solo ver - E+Z ().
  3. 書きかけのまま眠っていた10ヵ月前のレポ 。流石にもう細かい記憶はないし当時の感情と完全一致はしないけどお蔵入りにしてしまうには惜しい良いライヴだったので何と.
  4. REVIEW de "Közi solo ver: E//+Z" Helloww fãs de Közi. Tirei um tempinho pra fazer um pequeno review do CD de remix do Közi, uma coisa da qual nem deu tempo de anunciar direito aqui no blog que já vazou nos cantos da internet~ yeah, de tanto que eu sumi.
  5. ping公認フィッター在籍店 メーカーカスタム。【左右選択可】ping ピン g アイアン project x lz 5~pw (6本セット) 日本正規品 ping g iron.
  6. So, 5 people have chosen their favorite Közi solo songs and made remixes of them. Közi himself is one of them (hehe). I'm just gonna write some basics about how the songs sound and my personal thoughts^^ Tracklist GROTTESCA / Koma RMX Great openingtrack. I really like Grottesca so I was a bit scared this wouldn't be good enough, but it is.
  7. I googled them before I bought the ticket just to see what I had to endure for the sake of Közi, and since they acctually had PV's I didn't think they'd feel so amateurish XD They looked so random, like the bassist was dressed in lolita fashion, the singer reminded me of Adam from ADAMS and one of the guitarists looked a bit steampunk and.
  8. Közi solo ver: E+Z () [Álbum] Babylo (Közi RMX) 4. Cruel Arcadia (Yugami RMX) 5. Katharsis (Közi RMX) 6. Honey Vanity (Koma RMX) 7. Cacophony (Maxdeadroom RMX) 8. The Eyes (Koma RMX) 9. Promenade (Közi RMX) Ism (Hora RMX) DESCARGAR ( MB) Publicado por.
  9. ドンダップ ジーンズ パンツ デニム メンズ【Dondup George Jeans】DENIM.

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